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Circular Natural Calendar (video)

A short descreption of the Circular Natural Calendar in a 2 minutes video.

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About Time concepts

Physical Time

Time is a fundamental notion; it is connected to all existence, the life itself and its special biological realisation.

It manifests in Nature with sunrise and sunset, the lunar circle and the seasons, as well as in the human soul. It is "running" and it "stopping" giving pleasure or... displeasure...

Everything lives in it. Human thought involves the notion of Time, because Time must pass for a thought to be actualised. The same is true for the subjective sense and conception of Time. The important function of memory for the consitution of the human soul has as conceptual presupposition the flux of Time...

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ouranio - The collection of quotes

ouranio depends on the motions of the celestial bodies to visualise its various personalised calendar projects; these motions seem ---on the human scale--- nearly unchangeable.(1) But change, decay and, at last, death are a daily "routine" for human beings: Humans are born and perish; buildings are built and destroyed; typhoons can eliminate large, heavey structures from the face of the Earth...

Neither intellectual production can escape the physical decay. The creations of the Art of Logos (greek word - something larger than Speech or the latin philosophical term ratio), be they scientific studies, philosophical books, literature or religious intuitions, are vanishing in every moment irreversibly; everyone of these is something unique: When a creation is slipping into oblivion, human civilization is becoming impoverished - our sensibilities, thinner...

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The lunar influence

There are many phenomena related to the Moon:

It is known from antiquity that the Moon influences the water masses of oceans, lakes and rivers, producing the tide effect. The variable lunar gravitational attraction on earth surface causes the flood tide, i.e. the rising of water height, and the ebb tide, i.e. the falling of water height.

Newton tried first to explain the tide phenomenon; he also referred to the contribution of sun attraction. It is known now that the tide's intensity is bigger during the syzygies. The height increase depends also on the morphology of the coastline, the winds, the atmospherical pressure etc. The high tides can produce floods and are dangerous for sailors and fishermen. Therefore, their predictability has always been most valuable.

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The moon phases

The bright lunar side appears to change continuously, because of the sunlight reflection, according to the lunar position in relation to Earth and Sun. The changes of its apparent shape are called moon phases.

The time between identical moon phases is called synodic month and its duration is 29,530589 days. The noun month has as etymological origin the indoeuropean root: mēns- (-->moon),(1) the moon-sickle of the first and last days of the lunar circle.

The Sun and the Moon are in synod (conjuction) during the New Moon, while they have opposites positions during Full Moon.

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