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What is the Circular Natural Calendar

A circular calendar-poster

  • Gregorian calendar data.
    Day of the week (Sunday with bold).
  • New moon and full moon time hours.
  • Colours according to the seasons.
  • 0Lunisolar Visualisation.
  • 0Diagramm of the moon's orbit.
  • 0Time of moon trespassing to new zodiac sign.
  • Choice of place, language and design.
  • Choice of convetional year start (January) on the upper or the lower part of the circle.
  • Choice of clockwise or counterclockwise direction.
  • Personalised start of the calendar.

The Circular Natural Calendar highlights the essence of cyclic time emphasising the lunar circles.

It unveils also the lunar orbit round the Earth and the Sun depicting the sidereal as well as the synodic lunar month (cf. the following figure).

The whole synthesis designates days, weeks and months using the world accepted gregorian calendar.

The Moon presence illustrates the harmony and measure of its real motion.

The Circular Natural Calendar is an instrument for the observation of cosmic Harmony. An astral map. The inner sense of Time becomes conscious through the daily awareness of the Year and the Month.

The Circular Natural Calendar encourages the observation of the periodic phenomena of life through the celestial circles.

Moreover, the Circular Natural Calendar is a search frame of the "suitable", "personal" time. The choice of place, language, initial date and decorative design composes, in a unique way, the notion of Time - what is poetically said as the net for which I'm the spider anf the fly.(1)

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  1. J. L. Servan-Schreiber, Η τέχνη του Χρόνου, Ροές, Αθήνα, 1986, p. 111.



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